Providing Comprehensive range of individually structured ship management services while protecting our most valuable assets: OUR CLIENTS AND OUR SEAFARERS



Our team is highly experienced with hands on experience on almost all types of Tankers and cargo Ships. This team has also been long associated with Ship Management, Carrying out of major repairs, dry-dockings and conversion projects.

We are always focused to progressively work to attain goals of our clients while maintaining their assets in utmost condition

SSA Shipmanagement believes in ensuring that the Office shall always diligently supervise and coordinate shipboard operations and maintenance and also ensure that best of available seagoing staffs of known repute are placed on board so as to ensure our Owners vessels are in good hands at all times and their assets are well maintained.

Having bestowed our firm belief in " Syndicated Strength Alliance (SSA)" we believe in " Pooling in Our strength" and " Dividing the weaknesses " as a Team.
Proper Focused, Coordinated, and Determined Team Effort is always the planned path to our goal determination. We believe in " Together We Can " and shall never disappoint our clients.

Based upon data received from vessels Performance and Progress of each voyage is monitored on a daily basis by superintendents. These data's received from vessels are analyzed ashore to optimize a vessel's speed and consumption performance. Computer based systems are used to monitor vessel performance.

Ships are inspected at regular intervals by the technical and marine superintendents to ensure a very close follow-up of shipboard activities. All the vessels are maintained at all times so as to meet all applicable requirements and industry standards. Tankers are presented for Oil Major Inspections as per requirements of Owners and Charter party.

SSA Shipmanagement endeavors to meet all Owners requirements for periodic technical and accounting reports. We shall be at our Owners service always to provide information as required. Operating costs of the vessels are closely monitored to ensure expenses are kept within budget at all times. SSA Shipmanagement has experienced team of skilled fitters, welders and technicians capable of carrying out various ship board repairs while afloat and save Owners of exorbitant expenses.